Backstage at the Drum Corps Competition

My stumble upon drum corps rehearsals made for a weekend of lucky shots.


Drum 1-31-EditThe single most “different” thing I have ever stumbled upon took place one Saturday seven years ago as I was headed home here in Nashville, daydreaming as usual.  I was driving past the practice fields of David Lipscomb University, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted large groups of high schoolers marching around in Star-Trekky uniforms. The choreography was insane.

I got home as quickly as I could and hot-footed it back with my camera. I discovered these were the rehearsals for the Regional Drum Corps Competition. It was going on the next two days. I pinched myself and started working. While the actual performances were great, the rehearsals were the ticket.

Drum 2-75

Drum 1-227

Drum 1-254-Edit

Drum 2-15


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